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Moritz Meyer

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Professional Amazon SEO is no longer done manually! When we started our agency about 5 years ago, this was still the case for us. Employees invested countless hours in researching, analysing and optimising Amazon product pages. And if you wanted to do it really well – which of course we wanted to do – you had to carry out this process regularly.

In the end, it costs the agency and consequently also the client tens of thousands of euros per month, which could be invested more sensibly. But the Amazon marketing industry was still in its infancy, everyone worked manually.

With the ROPT® PQS Analysis, we have created a tool for content analysis that revolutionises Amazon SEO and is already being used by various well-known brands.

ROPT® classifies product quality in a simple traffic light system

1. What can the PQS analysis do?

The PQS Analysis evaluates the data quality and attractiveness of Amazon product pages and provides automatic optimisation recommendations.

Based on this content analysis, product texts and images can be noticeably improved in terms of visibility (keyword rankings) and performance (conversion rate).

Consequently, sales increase and market shares are secured.

Each product page receives a PQS (Product Quality Score), which can be compared with other products within the range, but also outside with products of competitors. This makes the degree of optimisation of product pages measurable and comparable. Amazon does not offer any comparable means to quickly obtain an objective overview of the SEO quality and content status.

2. Who can use the content analysis?

The content analysis works for:

  • all European marketplaces (DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, NL, SE, PL)
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Amazon Vendors
  • Hybrid (Seller & Vendor)
  • Brands without an Amazon account
  • Brands and products of your competitors

3. What does the PQS analysis help with?

The unique ROPT® PQS analysis helps in many areas from SEO/content, advertising and market analysis. One advantage applies to all disciplines:

With one click, the content of all products on all marketplaces is analysed – manually, this would take months. The result: savings of tens of thousands of euros and time that can be invested in strategic topics.

Use cases

  • Automatically recognise and exploit the SEO potential of product pages
  • Objectively report and monitor content development (positive/negative).
  • SEO: prioritisation/clustering of products
  • Advertising: prioritisation/clustering of products
  • Competitor analysis: PQS of own brands vs. competitors
  • Category analysis: Benchmarks for top 100 products vs. own brands
  • Internationalisation: allocate budgets effectively to individual marketplaces

4. How is the score calculated?

Based on the Amazon Retail Readiness factors, category-specific style guides and best practices from years of experience in optimising tens of thousands of products worldwide, the most important elements of a product page are evaluated and weighted individually and then aggregated to a score. 0 is the worst, 100 the best.

5. Which elements of a product page are rated?

The PQS takes into account all important page elements and is updated when Amazon makes relevant changes.

  • Review Average
  • Review Count
  • Product Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Product images
  • Videos
  • A+ Content

6. How can I use the PQS analysis?

a) ROPT® Marketing Suite
Suite users can generate the analysis for their brand(s) at any time and receive the analysis automatically by email after a few minutes.

b) Managed Service
You simply send us a product list (e.g. as ASINs or EANs) and we will send you the analysis by e-mail within a few hours. In addition, you can book an individual consultation with one of our experts based on the analysis. We will then guide you through the analysis and recommend further marketing measures.

7. How often is the PQS updated?

Independent of the generation of a PQS analysis, the PQS for each product in the tool is updated daily. As soon as a brand is active in the tool, all product page data is collected and evaluated daily.

8. Can I also analyse the PQS over time?

Yes, the PQS can be found in the “Business Intelligence” area of the ROPT Marketing Suite under the KPI Group “Product Listing”. Over time, it can therefore be analysed at brand, product group or ASIN level.

9. Can you also provide us with full service in the area of Amazon Content/SEO and give us strategic advice?

Yes, in addition to ROPT we have built up the leading Amazon agency MOVESELL. Marketplace experts work with you to develop an individual Amazon strategy and create high-quality content and effective advertising campaigns.

You like our tools or analysis?

Many large and medium-sized brands rely on ROPT to manage Amazon smartly. Almost all of our tools can be tested for free.

The setup is very simple and done in a few minutes. We are happy to provide personal support.

Whether one-time analysis, self-service use of the Marketing Suite or as a managed service – we have the right solution for every brand.

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